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Private Administrators' Support - FAQs

Are Administrators paid?

Administrators are not paid for their time and/or expertise unless specifically provided for in the Administration Order.

However, they may reimburse themselves for reasonable 'out of pocket' expenses.

Do I have to confer with the PAS Team?

No, Section 80 of the Guardianship and Administration Act 1990 only requires administrators to submit accounts (annually or as otherwise required) to the Public Trustee for examination. They have no other statutory obligations. 

However, many administrators find the role challenging and seek advice and clarification, as required. The State Administrative Tribunal does not offer this type of support. The Office of the Public Advocate run a 'Telephone Advisory Service', which provides answers to many questions from the public and generally refer calls from administrators to the PAS Team.

Private Administrators do not have to seek support from the PAS Team, they choose to!

Can I get a bookkeeper or accountant to help me?

Yes. Administrators often employ bookkeepers or accountants to help them with the preparation of annual accounts. The Represented Person's estate will bear the cost.

Can I make a complaint against the Public Trustee?

Any Administrator aggrieved by a decision of the Public Trustee may make a complaint in writing to the Director Trustee Services requesting further investigation.

If the Administrator is not satisfied with the outcome of the process, further review is available from the Ombudsman Western Australia.

Last updated: 15-Apr-2019

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