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Public Trustee
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Public Trustee as Executor

The estates administered by the Public Trustee are not limited to those where the deceased has appointed the Public Trustee as his/her executor under the terms of the Will. The Public Trustee may also administer estates where the:

  • executor named in the Will does not wish to administer the estate of the deceased and appoints the Public Trustee in his/her place
  • executor named in the Will has died and those entitled in the estate appoint the Public Trustee to administer the estate
  • executor and/or the beneficiaries experience difficulty during the administration of the estate and apply to the court to transfer the administration to the Public Trustee to be completed
  • deceased dies intestate (ie, without leaving a valid Will) and those entitled authorise the Public Trustee to administer the estate.

Last updated: 15-Apr-2019

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