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Why choose the Public Trustee?

With specialised solicitors, accountants and highly experienced estate managers on staff, the Public Trustee is able to offer a complete and efficient estate administration service to the community of Western Australia at a reasonable cost.

If you appoint the Public Trustee as the executor of your Will, or otherwise request the Public Trustee to administer an estate on your behalf, you have the complete assurance that it will be administered by a highly professional and experienced independent organisation that has already streamlined the necessary administration procedures. Some of the advantages of appointing the Public Trustee are:

  • Experience - The Public Trustee has been administering of estates and trusts since 1941. Every year, the Public Trustee administers a significant number of deceased estates in Western Australia where a formal grant of administration is required. More than 100,000 Wills are held by the Public Trustee in safe custody.
  • Efficiency - The Public Trustee specialises in Will-making and estate administration. Staff include solicitors, accountants and highly trained estate managers - all thoroughly experienced in processing Wills.
  • Independence - As the Public Trustee is an independent body established by Parliament, it has no personal beneficial interest in the estates administered.
  • Accessibility - Public Trustee staff are always available to discuss estate matters and to provide information.
  • Sympathetic administration - All beneficiaries are consulted about the disposal of estate assets before anything is sold.
  • Advance funds - Funds can be made available on the security of estate assets to pay funeral expenses.
  • Minor beneficiaries - The Public Trustee holds all funds for minor beneficiaries (under 18 years). All reasonable requests for advances for maintenance, education and benefit of the minor are considered.
  • Confidentiality - All information received by the Public Trustee is confidential. Details regarding the estate administration are available only to beneficiaries.
  • Reliability - By appointing the Public Trustee, you can be certain that your chosen executor will be available to act upon your wishes at all times. An individual or family member executor, on the other hand, may be unable to act for a variety of reasons such as health problems, availability of time or location. This could result in additional expense and may cause delay in the administration of the estate.
  • Trust - As a totally impartial body, the Public Trustee administers your estate without the slightest hint of family fear or favour. At all times, their business processes are objective and unbiased.

Last updated: 15-Apr-2019

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